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cover of yasmine adn the million dollar jacket by terry baldwin

Yasmine and the Million Dollar Jacket

Yasmine’s lost a lot in her twelve-year-old life. She lost her mother, her nice house, all her old friends, and the pretty jacket her mother left her. Yasmine can’t get back her mother, her house, or her friends. But there’s one thing she must get back―the jacket. It's worth a million dollars, if she can find it in time.[Read more...]

Middle Grade/Contemporary


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cover of the ordinary adventurer by jan leitschuh

The Ordinary Adventurer

In 2002, restless and searching for the longest possible journey to undertake without "quitting the day job," novice hiker Jan Leitschuh laced up some new trail shoes, hefted an unfamiliar backpack and set foot on Vermont's rugged 270-mile Long Trail. [Read more...]



$17.25 (FREE Shipping)

cover of warren pieces by jonathan d scott

Warren Pieces

From a private chamber in the Governor’s Mansion to a press conference for a stock car racing champ, Warren always allows his heart to lead the way in his quest to find the Perfect Woman. The only thing standing in his way is that he’s far from the Perfect Man. [Read more...]

Short stories/Humor

Paperback and eBook

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cover of tess, terrorists and the tiara by Terry Baldwin

Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara

Tess has never been able to compete with her "perfect" older sister, but now she must—if she wants to inherit her grandmother’s priceless tiara. But when a secretive family moves next to her grandparents' lake house, Tess learns ... [Read more...]

Middle Grade/Contemporary

Paperback and eBook

$16.95 Paperback (FREE Shipping)

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cover of gunthers revenge by guy bandervilt

Gunther's Revenge

When a good-hearted high school teacher steps into the quirky world of community theater to pursue a beautiful girl, he becomes entangled in a web of comic larceny, blackmail, and just about everything that can threaten his career and budding romance. [Read more...]


Paperback and eBook

$16.95 Paperback (FREE Shipping)

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cover of heartwoods by pj piccirillo


An inspiring and heart-rending historical novel that traces the intertwined lives of two men with common roots in the rugged timbering industry of north central Pennsylvania, but whose destinies and loves turn them against each other. [Read more...]

Historical Fiction


$17.95 Paperback (FREE Shipping)

cover of the woman in the wilderness by jonathan d scott

The Woman in the Wilderness

Brought to vivid life as historical fiction, this is the true story of the origins and fate of the first mystical community in America and its brilliant young leader, Johannes Kelpius. [Read more...]

Historical Fiction/Religion

Hardcover and eBook

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cover of lenegrin by jonathan d scott


For the time being, Ashar is safe in the hidden home of the Kehl, a legendary people who harbor a ten-thousand-year-old secret. It’s a Kehl maiden, Lianna, who translates the arcane book that was given to him by a dying stranger. [Read more...]



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What Reviewers Say

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Tells of the pain of the voyage through this life's wilderness and the never-ceasing desire to find meaning"

(Review of The Woman In the Wilderness)

Pulitzer nominee Clint McCown

"Smooth and Lyrical, a pleasure to read."

(Review of Heartwood)

Publishers Weekly

"A cast of eccentric secondary characters keep the hits coming, and the cheerful wit maintains throughout."

(Review of Gunther's Revenge)

Daniel Rogers, author of America One Step At A Time

"Anyone with a hint of wanderlust in their soul should read this book."

(Review of The Ordinary Adventurer)


"Packed with mind-bending mystery, Scott's adventurous story marks him as a gifted storyteller."

(Review of Lenegrin)

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cover of jack hammer and the icy hand of death
Jack Hammer and the Icy Hand of Death

"Jack Hammer stared into the barrel of the .22 Magnum, and the .22 Magnum stared back. Neither of them blinked. Of course, being inanimate, the .22 Magnum had never blinked in its life, but as Jack’s father always said, there was a first time for everything." Coming 2019.